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Around the Narrow Gauge Circle/DVD
Several names are widely recognized as belonging to great railroad photographers. One of those names belongs to Otto Perry, a man who traveled the country, recording both still and moving pictures of our nation's railroad history. One of his favorites was surely the Denver and Rio Grande Western, and over the years, he filmed trains around this entire route. Machines of Iron, in cooperation with the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club, offers a look back at this "narrow gauge circle," produced from the film collection of this renowned railroad photographer.
Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge/DVD
In the 1940s, Rocky Mountain Railroad Club member Otto Perry and railroad photographer Woodrow Gorman captured the last remains of the once vast Colorado & Southern Narrow Gauge System on film. Scenes on the dramatic Clear Creek Line cover the Idaho Springs and Blackhawk/Central branches. Current footage of the rebuilt Georgetown Loop is included and vintage photos add another dimension to this program. The last remnant of the South Park Line from Leadville to Climax is shown just prior to standard gauging.
Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad Narrow Gauge/DVD
Come with Machines of Iron and enjoy these vintage views of the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge freight trains on the Alamosa to Durango, travel to Silverton by passenger train and see the last regular freight train to operate on the Farmington branch. You will go inside the Alamosa roundhouse, watch shop crews rebuilding steam locomotives and see the Durango steam Facilities and yard as they were during regular service. These film from the 1960s show the narrow gauge steam trains that carried pipe and supplies to the Farmington oil fields, lumber that was cut along the line and tank cars of oil from the Gramps loading facility at Chama. Watch the two sections of an eastbound two engine freight climb the 4% grade of Cumbres Pass. This program will take you back to the time when steam powered freight trains were in regular service on the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge in Colorado and New Mexico.
The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club has opened their archives of the works of Otto Perry and Irv August noted rail photographers to give us a glimpse in and around the town of Gunnison, Colorado in the 1940s and 1950s. Gunnison was a division point on the Denver & Rio Grande Western's original narrow gauge mainline to Salt Lake City. Marshall Pass is located to the east of Gunnison, Crested Butte and Baldwin branches to the north, and Black Canyon and Cerro Summit are to the west. This show highlights DRGW's biggest to smallest narrow gauge locomotives from the Class K-36 and K-37 to the C-16s . . Mudhens and outside frame 2-8-0 C-21s.
Otto Perry's First Generation Diesels/DVD
The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club has once again opened their archives of the works of Otto Perry, noted rail photographer. Enjoy long gone passenger trains and freights pulled by classic diesel locomotives from Fairbanks-Morse, Electro-Motive Division, Alco, GE, Krauss-Maffei, and more including an Santa Fe-1, AB6, FTs, F3s, F7s, E6s, E8s, Centipedes, Eries, & PA-2s. Railroads throughout the United States are seen in this unique film footage including "Fallen Flag" and pre-merger roads: AT&SF, CO, CB&Q, CM&StP, RI, D&RGW, GN, NP, GM&O, IC, PRR, UP, SP, T&P, TP&W, WAB, and many more.
Otto Perry's Moffat Route/DVD
In Otto Perry's Moffat Route you will see photographs of the Denver, Northwestern, & Pacific, film from the 1920s of rotary snow plows battling on Rollins Pass. You'll be there for the opening of the Moffat Tunnel and then look at the steamers of the Denver & Salt Lake Railroad. And finally, you'll move onto the Rio Grande's era with steam and diesel freights as well as passenger trains pulled by steam and first generation diesels such as the Exposition Flyer, Prospector, Mountaineer, California Zephyr, Ski Train, and the local train to Craig. This dramatic work of Otto Perry of the spectacular Moffat Route comes from the archives of the Rocky Mountain Railroad Club.
Otto Perry's San Juan Express/DVD
The Denver & Rio Grande Western Narrow Gauge San Juan Express that ran between Alamosa and Durango, Colorado, was a favorite subject for Otto Perry. He photographed and rode this train from 1941 to the end of operation in 1951. Travel over the line with us in all seasons, zigzag across the Colorado -- New Mexico border and over Cumbres Pass. As we pass through the small railroad towns of Chama, Monero, Dulce, Navajo, Gato, Ignacio, La Boca, and Florida enjoy the rich Southwestern culture preparing us for arrival in Durango, a narrow gauge paradise. An added bonus is rare film from the Rio Grande's Santa Fe Branch. You will see the narrow gauge mixed train during its last year of operation on the Chili Line in 1941.
Otto Perry's Santa Fe/DVD
The Rocky Mountain Railroad Club opens their archives to show you the works of Otto Perry, noted rail photographer of the Rocky Mountain Region. Enjoy long gone Santa Fe passenger trains pulled by mighty steam locomotives and classic diesel types including an Santa Fe-1, FTs, F3s, & PA-2s. All of these diesels are in Warbonnet colors. The Super Chief, the Chief, the El Capitan, the Scout, the Grand Canyon, and the Centennial State trains are featured. Giant wartime 2-8-8-2 steam locomotives are seen in rare scenes on Raton Pass. There are also plenty of classic Santa Fe steam and diesel locomotives powering freight trains to watch and enjoy.
Rio Grande Zephyr/DVD
This fast-paced program features the Rio Grande Zephyr gliding along its entire 565 mile spectacular route. Shot between 1971 and 1983 in all seasons and weather conditions, this vintage footage was taken from the Zephyr as it wound its way through 28 tunnels climbing out of Denver along the Front Range to the 6.4 mile-long Moffat Tunnel. In addition to documenting all the famous mountain, canyon and desert locations such as the renowned Glenwood Canyon and Soldiers Summit, the photographers captured the Zephyr in some of the more remote locations along the Dotsero Cutoff and Gore Canyon. There are exciting pacing sequences featuring the classic F9s, rare on-train footage of the full-service diner with shots of the galley crew preparing some the superb cuisine, and the climax features the last westbound and eastbound runs.
Uintah Railway/DVD
The Uintah Railway was a 75 mile railroad that operated from 1904 to 1939. It ran in northwestern Colorado from Mack, Colorado to Watson, Utah. Featuring the original film footage of the new 3 foot narrow gauge articulated locomotives in 1926 on the 7.5% grades of Baxter Pass. Our video combines the historic motion picture film from the Lucian Sprague family and the Colorado Railroad Museum archives with vintage photographs from the collections of several avid Uintah Railway enthusiasts. Modelers, historians, and photographers will all want to add this video of one of Colorado's most unique narrow gauge railroads to their collections.