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Blue Mountains/DVD
In the Summer of 2000 and Winter and Spring of 2001, Machines of Iron crews followed the Union Pacific line through the Blue Mountains from Huntington to Hinkle. 14,000 ton grain trains are lifted up the 2.2% grade at 25 mph by 36,000 plus hp through such places as Telocaset, LaGrande, Hilgrad, Motanic, and Meacham. Before all the mergers the Blue Mountains were the steepest grades on the Union Pacific. Over the years technology has changed but the Blues haven't. Lots of "wing" and snow . . . . this is mountain railroading at its finest.
Union Pacific's E9s/DVD
There is almost nothing quite as impressive as the Armour yellow Union Pacific Railroad E9s leading a train of matching UP passenger cars. And when they're running in a spectacular location, like the Feather River Canyon, it's magic! There's lots of great action in this video, captured on a special excursion weekend. The E9s are in fine form, making several trips across the popular Keddie Wye. They also show their stuff while powering through the windy Altamont Pass.
Union Pacific's Sherman Hill/DVD
Since 1868, Sherman Hill has challenged the Union Pacific Railroad. Watch as Union Pacific power struggles to move trains over the hill. Vintage photographs take you back to the early history of this tough mainline, and the transition into modern operations. Enjoy steam locomotives 844 and 3985 as they travel this scenic part of the railroad. All three lines over Sherman Hill are extensively covered in this video that was shot over a four year span of time.
Union Pacific's Tidewater Southern/DVD
The almonds are in full bloom as we follow the Union Pacific's Tidewater subdivision past the groves and through the crowded streets of Modesto, California. This busy freight line is an important link in this area, carrying heavy loads of grain between Stockton and Modesto. Lengthy trains run free across the countryside, but these same trains can create a problem in town, especially when they travel right down the middle of the street! Watch how this whole process works, as we catch the action from curb side.