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Marias Pass/DVD
One of the most spectacular portions of BNSF's transcontinental mainline is Marias Pass. The line climbs through the rugged Rocky Mountains passed some of the most beautiful scenery in the United States. Machines of Iron travels from Whitefish, Montana through the Aspen forests and along the banks of the Flathead River. The weather in Marias Pass is unpredictable and we see it all in this video from bright sunshine to rain to snow. Trestles, tunnels, high ridges, and natural wonders make this video a must for anyone's collection.
Santa Fe Warbonnets Through Raton Pass/DVD
When we say Warbonnets, we mean Santa Fe! Take a look at these high-tech red and silver Warbonnets in action - and there’s no better place to do so than the challenging prairies and mountain passes of the Southern Colorado and New Mexico desert. The rugged passes of Raton and Glorieta are a test of strength and power for the "super fleet" diesels which pull both freight and modern Amtrak trains on this the busy line.
Stockton Tower the End of an Era/DVD
The Stockton Tower was one of the last remaining towers in California. Built in 1943 this interlocking tower guided trains through the busy Stockton area for over five decades. The tower operator provides a guided tour of how the interlocking functioned. A BNSF engineer working on the changeover takes us on a tour of the "tin house" that replaced the tower. On May 27, 1999, the 56 year old tower was demolished thus ending an era. Our photographers were there for several weeks to watch all the action for the changeover.
The Return of Stampede Pass/DVD
"Rugged" doesn’t even begin to describe Stampede Pass. The legendary mainline of the Northern Pacific Railroad is back in action following a decade of slumber. Now it is the Burlington Northern Santa Fe taking on the 2.2% grades over the Cascades with Dash-9s and SD-40s. Machines Of Iron offers you a first look as BNSF gets its footing on the line with new signaling and experimental DPU trains. The Return of Stampede Pass brings you all the grandeur of this magnificent engineering achievement.